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Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
massachusetts and i differ on most of these treaties, with the same disagreement on the law of the sea treaty. the question is in my opinion is their sovereignty of believe infringed upon our sovereignty and with that i yield the floor. >> mr. president, i yield five minutes. to the senator from illinois. >> by methinks senator kerry, senator mccain, senator lugar and so many others who have put this matter to the floor. it was 22 years ago when a historic event took place on the fourth united states senate which changed the united states of america. 20 years ago we passed the americans with disabilities act and reset a disability should not disqualify you for them at you in terms of their opportunity as an american. for some people said this is obvious. everyone knows. it was also obvious was discrimination taking place all across this great land. we remove that barrier to discrimination and in passing the americans with disabilities act can we step forward at the nation. with their fear and concern? i can recall going to greene county in rural illinois and marketing to carrollton and the ci
Nov 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
necessary if the criminal law that it simply operated more effectively. there were errors in aspects of the way the phone hacking investigation was managed in 2006 and in relation to the failure to undertake reader reviews. and there are some problems that need to be fixed with the criminal and civil laws and also in relation to data protection. in particular, exemplary damages should be available for all media talks, including breach of privacy. in the end, however, law enforcement can never be the whole answer. as we've seen, that is because the lawbreaking in this area is typically hidden. but does it comes unaware of what has happened. even if it were possible, and it is certainly not desirable putting a policeman in every room is no sort of answer. in any event, the powers of law enforcement are significantly limited because of the privileges the law provides to the press, including protection of his sources. that is specifically can perform its role in the public interest. what is needed there is a genuinely independent and effective system itself regulated standards for public
Nov 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
present member dhaka by law. it's a great pleasure to be reviewed. i feel so happy. thank you for your hospitality. this is my first visit as the president-elect of mexico, and i also want to congratulate you for your victory last november 6th for your second term as president to the united states and we wish you great success. i know you have a great task before you but i trust that you will be doing a wonderful job and i also want to thank you, president obama for having the vice president joe biden were go to mexico for the inaugural ceremony next saturday december 1st. i feel so pleased to be able to have the vice president biden represent you in mexico, and of course we are waiting for you in the delegation. >> [speaking in native tongue] the >> this is an opportunity we only have every 12 years. you will be starting your next four year term. i will be starting a six year administration in mexico as you know and i think this is a great opportunity for all of us to have a closer link of brotherhood and sisterhood and collaboration and of course of great accomplishments we might hav
Nov 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
, that it should be dependent on the willingness to give access to mechanisms for implementing international law. how does that look? >> i don't think any honorable member has given a successful explanation could this will only be resolved if there is a successful negotiation. i haven't heard anyone say any alternative that. there is a lot of willingness and desire to express opinions and to make gestures and so on. but no one has contradicted that. and if that is the case, that it requires a successful negotiation, then it requires us to encourage both parties into the negotiation to allow will need to do in the negotiation. that is a successful logic. >> thank you, mr. speaker. they played a role in obtaining a cease-fire. what do you suggest and bringing normality to this troubled region? >> absolutely. there is a major opportunity for the new egypt to do that now. last week, i congratulated him on the effort that egypt has made in the efforts on further negotiations. trying to open up gaza and prevent the smuggling of weapons. if that can be achieved, they can continue their efforts on broa
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
will rarely help the american people. it will serve to reduce the quality of new laws that are being made and further exacerbated the political environment by reducing collaborative and the solitary compromises that helped facilitate our compromises. neil: we are not a democracy or republic. the second is that the senate had to check the passions of the house that might prevail. the third is more deliberations and better legislation. and third, we are a republic and not a democracy. .. the voice of the peep will is the voice of god. 50% plus one. the framers had a different motion. they believe justice success and was there not to be determined and they therefore put in the democratic elements of the constitution or new government precisely suggest this could be better achieved. it wasn't a somewhat contend they were anachronistic conceit beyond the cultural binders. they wanted to protect slavery. they believe the simple majority rule in every case is not always produce justice of the best result. the founders themselves had tough words for democracy. james madison said democracies have
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm EST
for dealing with campaign finance disclosure to dealing with law suit. baseman chase changes. what has occurred or not occur during the last four years and looking forward to the next. she can join for three experts on my right, tran thi appeared next to her history and three. to my left history to come the white house reporter for "politico." for more extensive by every sunday or chairs and those watching at home, i will go right into remarks my panelists will start with them. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'll get some remarks on ethics and transparency issues. if i had to summarize how the obama administration is done i would say the efforts of the well intended but not always well executed. we start out wanting to make a strong statement so one of the initial statements we had to put in place that said two years after leaving you cannot lobby on the issue or the agency left. first of all i think it flows from the basic premise that lobbying is evil and that's not a view i share. it allows a lot of voices to be heard via municipal state government places that
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6